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We, at Mike's Auto Transport, Inc., help you deal with those old junkie cars that are taking up your valuable space and have nothing to offer in return. Buying junk cars is what we do best and our offerings are the most reliable across the greater Sarasota, FL area. Understanding that dealing with those old vehicles can be very difficult on your own, we are here to not only take them off your property but pay you for their value. Got a bunch of old cars laying around the property? Consider us for superior offerings for your junk cars. We are the most reliable junk car buyer and will always make you a fair offer.

Quality Junk Car Buyer in Sarasota, FLWe Are Professionals at What We Do

Understanding the essence of an old automobile is one thing and letting it sit around your property and contaminate the environment is another. We are highly experienced and passionate about what we do and are a team of extremely skilled and highly trained professionals that go above and beyond to ensure that each vehicle we come across gets the justice it deserves. We are buying junk cars to ensure that they can either be restored or the parts from one can be used as the donor for another vehicle that might need it to survive. We live, breathe and strive for perfection when it comes to dealing with your old automobile needs and always give you a fair price.

Safety and Perfection With Every  Job

Junk Car Buyer in Sarasota, FL

Got an old car that you have laying around and aren’t certain about getting rid of it? We encourage you to do just that by giving you a great offer for your old beaten-up junk cars making you money and giving you back your property space. With upwards of 25 years of experience, we are well versed in working quickly and efficiently to reduce the time we take during each recovery and purchase job. We are buying junk cars, so if you have one that has been burning a hole in your pocket for a while and need it taken care of, we are the ideal choice to make.

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Contact Mike's Auto Transport, Inc. today to find the most trusted junk car buyer at (941) 253-2494 across the greater Sarasota, FL area. We are always customers centric making us better than the rest by ensuring safety during our loading process and ensuring that a fair price is given to you for your vehicles. We are community driven and are committed to being the most reliable source for buying junk cars.