Can Old Car Parts Be Reused?

Car Parts That an Auto Recycling Company and Reuse

Whether you’re a replacing a single part or junking the whole vehicle, the chances are, that the car parts you do not need can either be sent to an auto recycling company or remanufactured. The likes of smashed windshields, old oil filters, aluminum rims, batteries, and bumpers are among just a few of the car parts which should never just be thrown in the nearest landfill.

Used Engine Oil
Motor oil will never wear out – it will just get dirty. Incorrectly disposing of motor oil can result in contaminated soil, rivers, streams, groundwater. So make sure you take any used motor oil to a certified collection facility in your area, where it can be cleaned and reused properly.

Oil Filters
Used oil filters believe it or not can also be recycled, and must by law be properly disposed of. So when possible get your oil changed at auto shops which recycle their oil filters or look for an oil recycling center local to you if you change your own car’s oil.

Auto Glass
Around 15 million windshields get replaced every year just in the United States, and most will end up in landfills. While this was once a difficult material to recycle, mostly because the glass is placed between 2 layers of plastic, technologies have now greatly improved, and most windshield replacement companies will now work with recycling companies in order to cut down on waste. Reclaimed auto glass can be turned into fiberglass insulation, glass bottles, and concrete blocks, and the plastic can be reused for carpet glue etc.

Engines and Transmissions
Thinking of replacing your car’s engine? There could be a good chance that your old one may still have some life in it yet. Most mechanics will rebuild damaged engines, which is a greener, and cheaper solution to an otherwise more expensive problem. Remanufactured engines are often more efficient than they used to be when first built, mostly thanks to today’s advanced materials.

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