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Auto Recycling Company in Sarasota, FL We, at Mike's Auto Transport, Inc., understand that it can be very difficult to deal with unwanted vehicles that have broken down on your property and have been taking much of your crucial space. Vehicles that have been sitting out exposed to the elements for years are beyond repair and often are written off. This leads to them being further neglected and causing dangerous levels of contamination to your property. We provide you with the most reliable cars towing & hauling services. Over the years, we have managed to earn our keep and be the most reliable auto recycling company across the greater Sarasota, FL area with our focus being safety and customer satisfaction.

We Are Experts and Experienced

Working with automobiles can be very dangerous if not done right. Over the years, a vehicle left exposed could have developed leaks that can cause the fluids and battery acids to start bleeding into the environment. It makes everything very dangerous for the environment and also any family members and pets that might come in contact with these harmful chemicals. We assure you that the highest levels of safety and security standards are maintained while we deal with those unwanted machines. We also take an active effort to be as organized as possible following meticulous steps that help us stay on track and also help our customers track our progress without being concerned.

Safety Is Our Number One Priority

We actively take care of health and safety during our auto recycling services ensuring that everyone involved is more than safe. With years of experience and using the best of modern technology paired with the most reliable techniques, we provide you superior results and services without any hindrances. Get rid of those old and rusted vehicles and reclaim your landscape with ease, we are here to give you unmatched results with professionalism at every step of the way.Trusted Auto Recycling Company in Sarasota, FL

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Contact Mike's Auto Transport, Inc. today at (941) 253-2494 for the most reliable auto recycling company. We do more for our customers than the rest by being result driven and extra cautious while also ensuring that we are trusted by our clients for future projects across the greater Sarasota, FL area.